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Your Adult Coloring, Drawing & Doodling are in safe hands with CulaLuva. CulaLuva has a goal to offer you, not only the best quality gel pens we can make, but to also give you Awesome customer service to match.

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To assist you get the most out of your creative works. Whether its creating an artwork to hang on a wall, scribbling your shopping list or taking notes for that final exam that will determine your future...

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...They glide across the page so nicely and make coloring that much more fun. I really don't have enough great things to say about this product ... by Melissa S

...they write or color smoothly (better than some really expensive pens I own), and they have more ink than alot of other brands i have tried. If i could give them 100 stars i would and they have a customer for life...

60 CulaLuva Gel Pen Set

CulaLuva 60 Gel Pen Set sideview

Come and find out MORE about this CulaLuva 60 Gel Pen set. 

YOU will have more ink in every pen so you can color doodle & draw for longer. The gel ink is bright and vibrant so you can make your work pop of the page. The gel ink wont blob or bleed. So come on click the link and have a look at what our customers are raving about!

Awesome is a word our customers have used lots with this set, & you will know why once you have experienced them for yourself.

120 CulaLuva Gel Pen Set

CulaLuva 120 Gel Pen Set sideview

Come and find out MORE about this CulaLuva 120 Gel Pen set. 

We designed this pack after such an outstanding success with our first pack, the 60 gel pen set. You said you wanted more green an brown so we added those. You also said you wanted more glitters so we added those as well and as you will see, lots more.

We also added repeats of the most popular colors so you would not be disappointed if you were in the middle of a coloring project by running out of ink.

You still get all the greatness of the initial pack, you now just get many more pens...


Bright Vivid Colors with More Ink...

Quick Drying Ink for Coloring...


No Bleeding and Blobbing...


Compact Case with Slide Out Trays...