Can you imagine Coloring, Drawing & Doodling here?

We at CulaLuva Do?



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Welcome to our about page, it is great to meet you.

We are a very small family owned business that have a genuine love of working with our customers to provide good quality products that people get good value from.

Our motto has always been to treat our customers how we personally like to be treated and we like to think that we have always accomplished this.

Being a couple of girls originally from the country they like to think of themselves as hard working and easy going. CulaLuva was born out of a love for creating good quality products that can be used in our every day lives that can bring the creative sides out in everyone and felt Gel Pens were a great product to start with. Gel Pens certainly can be used in many parts of our daily lives. Especially in the relaxation and hobby parts.

Tracy & Suzanne have worked in business together for over 14 years and always love & care about what they do. It is this same love and care they bring to CulaLuva and hope that they can learn from you exactly the types of products and service you require and what sort of information and further education you would like as you all pursue your creative selves.

CulaLuva is built by two women who love life and what they do and want to share that with all of you!


CulaLuva Sales & Marketing Manager & Boss

I personally want to thank you for taking the time to check us out. I have been around for a few years and absolutely love working with Suzanne here at CulaLuva, We have been working together for many years and have gotten to know what we are good at and dare I say it, not so good at LOL.

I come from a nursing background and that allowed me access to a wealth of knowledge and understanding.  It also gave me the wonderful ability to travel the world in my early life. All those experiences has allowed me to become the business partner I am today. Suzanne and I ran a very successful dog grooming and dog daycare designer product boutique for 18 years and unfortunately due to my health not lasting a working lifetime I had to find something that was not so physical. Not only that but my kidneys gave out and my best friend and business partner Suzanne gave me one of hers.... YES you read that right! 

Hence our next adventure.
An adventure filled with lots of color & lots of coloring, doodling & drawing. Most of which I could do from the comfort of a great recliner chair LOL. I am now surrounded by Gel Pens instead of being draped in dogs but at least I have Pebbles & Peanut to assist me every day as you will see below. 
I look forward to getting to know you more and the types of creative products you love to create & work with and why. The best part is I cant wait to see some of your creative works and how you will use the Culaluva products in the future.

We are all in for very exciting and creative journey... together!



CulaLuva Product Manager & Boss

Hello to all of our friends out there! Welcome to our wonderful world of gel pens and color. The perfect place to be.

As Tracy has said we have many years of working together and we had a big change when Tracy got very sick. It was a hard decision to sell our business and I never thought the day would come. (I opened the shop when I was 22 and have loved it for all of the 18 years we had it - it's not often you get to have so much fun at work!). So you can imagine the joy when Tracy came up with selling gel pens online. Wow we can color and create at home for our new job? Awesome! 

Hence the birth of CulaLuva and our first products.

It has been so much fun and I look forward to seeing this grow into the business you all feel good about being associated with. A brand you will get to know and love just as we do. I look forward to working with you so that we can continue to build great quality products we are all proud to use.

Our Little Helpers





Hi there I am Pebbles,

I am very important because I help with the computer and choosing the colors for the coloring pictures. I then spend lots of time watching what everyone is doing so I am like a time keeper really and know when its treat time. A time not to be missed... Pebbles our Computer poodle

Hi there I am Peanut,

I am the greatest cuddle boy you will ever find and I help in the office all the time by keeping watch over everyone and making sure they are always warm by cuddling into the laps of anyone who sits. I especially love it when the Gel Pens come out as I know I am in for a long time on a lap... hehePeanut the poodle

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us all!