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CulaLuva is a small family business that offers Awesome Quality Gel Pen sets for those seeking a Gel Pen that writes, colors, draws and doodles without blobbing & bleeding. The sets are made by people who specialize in Gel Pens, so the focus is on producing quality pens that work when you need them.

Let us worry about the quality and the make so you can get on with your creative works...


These CulaLuva Gel Pens were made with you in mind...


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60 Gel Pen Set 

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  • 59 Unique Colors

  • Carry Case with 5 Trays of 12 Pens Great for Storage and to carry about

  • Quality Gel Inks with MORE ink weight 

  • Bright & Vibrant Colors to make your work POP!

  • Great for Adult Coloring


  • 74 Unique Colors MORE Green & Brown

  • Repeats of MOST USED Colors

  • Carry Case with 6 Trays of 20 Pens Great for storage and to carry about

  • Quality Gel Inks with MORE ink weight

  • Bright & Vibrant Colors to make your work POP !

  • Great for Adult Coloring 

CulaLuva Gel Pen Sets,

Every Gel Pen Set made by CulaLuva is made with quality components and quality inks.

Each Gel Pen is made to perform, without bleeding and blobbing. Every pen has more ink.

The CulaLuva Gel Inks are Bright & Vivid in color and come in styles that cover every aspect of Gel Pen usage. From Glitters, Neons, Neon Glitters, Swirls, Pastels, and Standard Pens. The variety of colors in each set is more than enough to satisfy every creative urge that overcomes you..

Gel Pen Facts

Gel Pens are easy to use but there a few things that everyone needs to know so your Gel Pens will always perform well.

What to do to get a gel pen ink to flow

Yes thats right. One of the most important tasks you have with a Gel Pen is to make sure you keep the lid/cap on the pen when not in use. The tip/nib will sit inside the rubber stopper which sits inside the lid/cap which makes sure that the Gel Ink will not leak and that the ink does not dry out.


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