Why are CulaLuva Gel Pens different?

Why are CulaLuva Gel Pens Different?

Welcome back once again. Thanks for popping by to check on what we at CulaLuva are doing.

Since many of you started getting to know us we have now introduced a second Gel Pen set which we hope you will all love getting to know as much as you have the first set. So we thought we would give you some information about our Gel Pens. How they are put together and how they are different to some others out there and in our own CulaLuva way let you know how fussy we are about the product we put under our brand. We only look for quality and are not interested in anything less. We believe that we have a commitment to you, to make sure you always get a product you are happy with.

The 60 Gel Pen Set has been manufactured for anyone wanting a good range of colors. The pens can be used for anything a gel pen is used for. It’s the original CulaLuva Gel Pen variety pack that gives you a good range to get started. 60 Pens with 59 unique colors so you can get access to a good range for all of your gel pens needs. 

120 Gel Pen Set was designed for the Adult colorer in mind, even though it can be used by anyone wanting a huge awesome range of gel pens. There are 74 unique colors in the set with more greens and browns (you asked for that) and we put lots of repeat pens of the most popular coloring colors as you asked for that too. We are very proud of this set as it is a Adult Colorers delight.

Both sets come packed in a transparent PVC Case with the pens laid inside trays (5 trays of 12 pens in 60 set & 6 trays of 20 pens in 120 set) for ease of packing and so you can travel easily with the pens. Many of you tell us that you put the colors you are using at the moment inside  a couple of trays and take those with you travelling, to work, to your grand children etc, That way you don't have to take to entire set. 

CulaLuva Gel Pens are made with quality in mind. Every component is made with top quality pieces and manufactured in a factory that specialises in making gel pens. The factory has years of experience and know how to make a great gel pen. We at CulaLuva give you more ink in each Gel Pen than most other manufacturers. We go into much more detail about this in the free downloadable eBook that you get access to when you purchase any set of our CulaLuva Gel Pens.

The gist of it, is that gel ink is measured in weight, and the standard measure in Gel Pens is 0.33 grams of Gel Ink. CulaLuva gives you 0.38grams of Gel Ink. The amount of ink in each pen cannot be determined by just looking, as most brands have different inner ink tube sizes, they can be thicker, thinner, longer or shorter inner tubes, all of which makes comparing them impossible, unless you know the exact weight measurement. Hence the standard ink measure is in weight. 

As we all know when using a gel pen, you do use more ink because of the way gel ink is made (the thicker opaque viscous liquid allows more ink to flow onto your page). So having access to more ink in every gel pen gives you more coloring drawing & doodling time. That is a big bonus, as the last thing you want to have happen is run out of ink in the middle of your work. Always keep in mind too, that not all Gel ink is of the same quality or made the same. Again we only use quality inks.

The CulaLuva Gel Ink has been independently tested and found to conform to SGS, certificates for EN71-3 & ASTM D-4236 ….. which is science speak, which for you means the CulaLuva Gel Pen INK is safe to color draw & doodle with all day if that is your desire. The Gel Pens are Non-Toxic, No Odour and are Acid Free.

Every component is made with the best quality that can be found (no second hand parts or components are ever used in CulaLuva Gel Pens). This means that your Gel Pens should all work straight out of the case. In saying that it is a known phenomenon, that gel pens sometimes need a bit of work to get some of the pens to give up their ink and let it flow onto your page. We at CulaLuva like to affectionately call these pens the stubborn ones LOL. This is normal and easily fixed by drawing circles with the pen on a scrap bit of paper. (again instructions are in the eBook on purchase) The good thing about the CulaLuva gel pens is that this is less likely to happen.

The Gel pen nibs are also very good standard and each type of gel pen comes with the appropriate size nib. For example, Glitter gel ink is a thicker substance and requires a larger nib so 1.0mm is used. This does not mean that the nibs are changeable though. Whatever size nib that comes with a particular gel pen, is the correct size nib for that style of gel pen ink. Each style of Gel Ink comes with its own particular nib size.

     Glitter Gel Pens = 1.0mm Tip 
     Neon Glitter Pens =1.0mm Tip 
     Neon Gel Pens = 0.8 Tip
     Swirl Gel Pens = 0.8 Tip
     Classic Gel Pens = 0.6 Tip 
     Metallic Gel Pens = 0.8 Tip 
     Pastel Gel Pens = 0.8 Tip                      

As you get the different types of Gel Ink in every set you have a great range to be able to pursue any of the tasks you need a Gel Pen for. Swirl pens are great in scrapbooking and invitations. A little advise, if you like to know exactly what color is coming out the nib it is advisable that you don't use the swirl pens for coloring as the color does change and you will not have control over that. We have customers that love using the swirls for coloring and we have others who don't like them for coloring at all because of the lack of color control. So this will be your personal choice.. Swirls are a reasonably new type of Gel Ink and the factory that makes our swirls is one of only two so we do want to let you know about them just in case this is the first time you have had access to them. Children absolutely love them for the surprise they get witht he color as they never know what is going to come onto the page and they are really effective with invitations, scrapbooking and for card making.

Our Glitter Ink pens are wonderful in coloring, as the shimmer really makes a wonderful look on the picture. It is a good quality shimmer with the glitter being a lovely fine glitter that blends into the picture as part of it, instead of big clunks of glitter. 

The Neon Gel Pens are vivid and bright and many of the Gel Pen Colors work well on darker pages but again please always test first as different mediums do make a difference as to how the Gel Ink performs. That goes for different thicknesses of pages you are using also. Generally the CulaLuva Gel Ink does not bleed through most mediums but again it will depend on the quality of the paper/card you are using. For example some bible pages are so thin that the ink will bleed through but we do have many customers who have been using on their bibles without any problems. So again please always test first.

As we have mentioned The Gel pen sets are all made in a factory that specialises in making gel pens. The great thing about this is that we get the latest advances in gel pens & gel ink, so that anything new can be introduced into our range straight away. On the other hand if there is anything ever not quite right we can fix it straight away.

We are customers like you and when we look to develop a product we expect you to get the same good quality product that we get. We also want you to get the type of service that we personally expect when we go shopping. Nothing worse than not being treated professionally with a friendly tone. We also want our customers to feel like we know what we are talking about, that we know gel pens and can answer all their questions correctly and if we don't know the answer we would be honest and say so but we then have access to others that can give us all the right information. We all love to shop and when the service is exceptional then we love shopping even more.

Like you we want to feel like we are cared about and listened to. 

So our promise to you is that we will always give you a great service and if you are ever unhappy we want you to tell us so we can fix it straight away which also goes for product quality. If we don’t get told, we don’t know and we can’t fix it. CulaLuva exists because of you and for that reason we will always be here to assist you whenever you need us. Our goal is for you to have Gel pens that you don't have to think about other than the next color you want to use.  Because if you are not thinking about them it means you ae concentrating on your project, that the pens are allowing you to Color Draw & Doodle with your only thoughts on how you want your project to look.

If your only thought is what color you need to use next then we feel as if we have fulfilled our duty of care.

In summary, all of our gel pen sets are made with the same quality components and gel inks. The sets themselves are designed to be easily carried about. You will get more gel ink in every pen to get more use out of each pen and avoid the disappointment of running out of ink as often. Each set of Gel Pens is safe for hours of usage because they are, non-toxic, acid free and odourless.

The gel pen sets are all made with high quality components and gel inks so you have no problems with using the pens and getting the inks onto the page. Our customers can stand by this as we have so little issues we are very proud of our quality as we are our service.

Because of this quality we have many repeat customers who tell us that they would only ever buy our brand now after using many others. They are so happy and secure in the quality that they often give these sets as gifts to family & friends, safe in the knowledge that the pens will give great joy to those using them.

Our promise to you is that we will always give you the service & support you need and on the rare occasion that a issue occurs we will always work with you until you are happy.

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